PMTx™ is a WaveX™ service that precisely monitors the fabrication process of SAW devices

PMTx uses simple probe measurements of PCMs to deliver Critical to Quality (CTQ) data including IDT metal thickness, conductivity, and values for line IDT width and sidewall angle. PMTx provides dimensional information across an entire wafer, whereas FIB-SEM or TEM imaging are slow, expensive, and can only measure a few specific locations. PMTx algorithms are not sensitive to measurement parasitics and, unlike SEM/TEM, PMTx is a non-destructive process.

PMTx is a functional replacement for, and improvement over, measurements usually done using:

  • Optical and Laser Profilometers
  • CD-SEM
  • XRR/XR
Some PMTx applications, include:
  • New Process Startup
  • New Product Design
  • Quality Assurance
  • Yield Improvement
  • Process Control
Prospective customers: 

Current users of Resonant’s WaveX™ PMTx: