IP Strategy

Resonant is a licensing company, which makes developing, protecting, and commercializing its intellectual property of primary importance. Resonant engages in a thorough process of intellectual property landscaping that provides an in-depth analysis of not only the markets the company is addressing but adjacent markets so that the company can tactically and strategically protect its position in the market through the filing of strategic patents.

The Resonant patent portfolio relates primarily to the following subject matter:

- Physical implementation

- Design synthesis and optimization speed

- Network synthesis
- Image design
- Circuit designs

- Simulation accuracy

- Next generation designs/architectures

- Simplifying the RFFE

- Circuit structure

- Critical design requirements

- Power handling and linearity
- Temperature dependence
- Yield analysis

To commercialize its IP, Resonant will license custom designs, Filter IP Standard Library and software. The company has spent many years developing WaveX™, its own patented suite of design tools specifically for this purpose. In combination with its experienced design team, Resonant offers its customers a novel solution to the need for increasingly complex filter designs developed by an independent, stand-alone company that is not presently offered by any competitors. A list of Resonant’s issued patents can be found at: https://www.resonant.com/our-technology/ip-strategy/resonant-patents