Bringing RF Filters to Market Quickly with Resonant's Filter IP Standard Library

Getting to market quickly with RF filters has never been easier than with Resonant’s Filter IP Standard Library. The demand for RF filters continues to rise in both 4G mobile devices and emerging 5G devices driven by the increasing demand for bandwidth to deliver high-throughput data services. But the complexity of these RF filters is also increasing, while the traditional design process is iterative and takes months for designs to be perfected (years for the more complex designs).

Advantages of Resonant’s Filter IP Standard Library

  • Shortest time-to-market (zero development time)
  • Fastest time-to-revenue
  • Fabless production via Resonant’s Foundry Partner program
  • Stable, sustainable supply chain
  • Does not require full custom engagement
  • Price competitive and performance competitive with leading Tier 1 filter vendors
  • Resonant’s licensing model eliminates large upfront costs

With WaveX™®, Resonant has lowered the barriers to entry to the RF filter market with its custom licensed designs that include even the most complex filters, enabling fast time-to-market. However, for companies that want standard, high-value RF filter designs with even faster time-to-market, and therefore faster time-to-revenue, there is Resonant’s Filter IP Standard Library.

The Filter IP Standard Library offers filter designs, developed using Resonant’s WaveX™ software platform, that companies can license and then manufacture through one of Resonant’s several foundry partners. Using a filter design from the Filter IP Standard Library enables a wide range of companies to quickly enter the filter market with proven designs and no large upfront investment.

Role Of Foundry Partners

The turnkey nature of the Filter IP Standard Library is enhanced by the Resonant Foundry Partner program, which is designed to provide fabless licensee partners with highly experienced and high-quality front-end foundry and back-end services to turn designs into products quickly. All members of the Foundry Partner program have experience working with filter designs created with Resonant's WaveX™ design methodology.

Band 1-3 Quadplexer Design

The first design in the Filter IP Standard Library is a band 1-3 quadplexer (one of the most complex and high value filters), which is available today for licensing. Future planned designs include:

Filter IP Standard Library

  • Quadplexer: 1-3 (available now)
  • Duplexers: B2, B3, B7 
  • Filters: B41

5G (XBAR) IP Standard Library

  • Future roadmap: n79, n78 n77, 6GHz Wi-Fi

Custom Filter Experience

  • TDD Filters: B38, B39, B40, B41
  • Duplexers: B1, B2, B3, B5, B7, B8, B12, B20, B26, B28A, B28B, B66, B71
  • Quadplexers: B1-3, B2-4
  • Other: Wi-Fi, GPS
  • Packaging: WLP and CSP (HTCC and PCB)

Resonant’s Filter IP Standard Library program offers the fastest time-to-market for high-value RF filter designs. For more information, click here to email Resonant.