Resonant Names Barry Waxman VP of Sales and Marketing

GOLETA, Calif.-- Resonant Inc. (NASDAQ: RESN), a late-stage development company creating innovative filter designs for radio frequency front-ends (RFFEs) for the mobile device industry, today announced it named industry sales & marketing veteran, Barry Waxman to the newly created post of Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Previously, Mr. Waxman was a member of Resonant’s Advisory Board.

Mr. Waxman has more than 25 years’ experience in sales and marketing and in developing strategic partnerships in diversified segments of the high tech industry. His expertise spans a broad range of technology sectors including semiconductors and system-level products used in wireless, including tunable filters. Previously, he served as VP of Sales & Marketing at Newlans, a developer of programmable duplexer and filter products for the RFFE. In addition, Barry has served in executive and senior management roles at Western Digital, Adaptec, Mylex, PixelMagic, Microtouch Systems, and various startups. He also founded business development firm TechASIA Management in 2001, to accelerate design wins by providing strong, well established OEM/ODM relationships and native language, in-country support. He earned his B.S. in Electronics and Electrical Engineering from Paisley College of Technology, King’s College, London.

Mr. Waxman stated: “After several months of working with the Resonant team as a member of its Advisory Committee, the opportunity to join the Company and make an even greater impact was extremely attractive. This is a market that is still seeing very strong demand, and Resonant is on the cutting edge of the market trends developing solutions to band proliferation and carrier aggregation. We are even seeing a trend toward multiplexing, which is an area in which we believe we can make a significant and compelling contribution.”

CEO and Co-Founder Terry Lingren, added, “Since the publishing of our Band 3 White Paper, we have seen an increased level of interest from potential customers to work with us. As we continue our outreach to new customers and make important decisions about which market opportunities to pursue and how to solidify some of these discussions into contractual projects, Barry’s familiarity with our target customers will be highly valuable.”

About Resonant Inc.
Resonant is a late-stage development company creating innovative filter designs for the RF front-end for the mobile device industry. The RFFE is the circuitry in a mobile device responsible for analog signal processing and is located between the device’s antenna and its digital baseband. Filters are a critical component of the RFFE that selects the desired radio frequency signals and rejects unwanted signals.

Resonant has developed and patented a fundamentally new method of designing RF filters it calls Infinite Synthesized Networks™ (ISN™). Utilizing tools built using ISN as applied by its highly experienced team of developers, the Company can improve Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) filters to work in difficult, Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) bands with performance that is competitive with best in class products that exist on the market today. Of late, the Company is also addressing the need for more complex products, including quadplexers and higher-order multiplexers. Resonant is also developing a filter design that are reconfigurable, or will tune, to multiple bands and replace several existing filters while significantly reducing the overall size and cost of the RFFE. For more information, please visit

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