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We have a strong theoretical background based on many years of experience in SAW research. See the list of our selected publications and a few of our best-known papers:

"Slow" acoustic surface waves in solids (the 2nd paper on STW, independent of the 1st one by B. Auld and co-authors)

A two-parameter coupling-of-modes model for shear horizontal type SAW propagation in periodic gratings ("Plessky equation")

Acoustic loss mechanisms in leaky SAW resonators on lithium tantalate (Outstanding paper award, IEEE UFFC, 2001)

Prix of the best student's paper, IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium, Rotterdam, 2005:

"Double-resonance SAW filters", by J. Meltaus, V. Plessky and S.S. Hong


Our research activity has resulted in many inventions and a few of them have been patented. See patents co-authored by Victor Plessky.


We work in close collaboration with young researchers and PhD students of the Materials Physics Laboratory at the Helsinki University of Technology in Finland and with scientists and software engineers in the former USSR and world-wide.

Our collaboration network allows us to organize manufacturing of our products within minimal delays. We can produce small series of all types of IF/RF SAW devices in collaboration with WinTech (Korea).

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