GVR Trade SA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Resonant and specializes in consultation and design activities in the SAW area. It is located in Bevaix, Switzerland.

GVR Trade SA was acquired by Resonant Inc. on July 1, 2016. The two companies have worked closely together for the past several years in developing SAW technology, particularly microwave filter modeling and design tools. 

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Resonant, GVR will remain a Swiss company, and Victor Plessky will continue as Director of Engineering.  GVR plans to continue its long-standing participation in international meetings, in R&D collaborations, as well as in design work on SAW sensors.  The company also plans to increase its involvement with Resonant, particularly in the areas of development of modeling tools and SAW filter design, and plans to grow its technical staff.  In the areas of software design tool development and licensing, GVR’s strategies going forward will be developed in cooperation with Resonant Inc.  That planning is now underway.