Current RF filter design techniques for mobile devices are based on technology that has changed very little over the past century. The prevailing filter design, an “acoustic wave ladder,” is based on a single-topology approach with a fixed design structure. The current technology is constrained by its own design assumptions and has not bred any fundamentally new structures to address emerging industry challenges.

By contrast, our Infinite Synthesized Networks (ISN™) design allows us to produce filter designs that are different from and superior to the ladder filter design because it allows us to adjust many components to achieve a particular set of specifications. Our designs have improved performance in the key parameters of loss and steepness of rejection.

Reconfigurable or Tunable Filter Designs

Today, the industry uses a different filter for each band and an antenna switch to alternate between multiple filters. The mobile device industry has long sought the ability to reconfigure or tune filters across multiple bands simultaneously as a means of saving cost and valuable space in the front end of the mobile device.

At Resonant, we are developing a reconfigurable filter we hope will eventually allow us to replace multiple filters with a single tunable filter. Our ISN technology has enabled us to produce in a laboratory setting tunable designs that operate in multiple bands. See our White Paper for more information on our development work in the area of reconfigurable filters.