Filter Design

Our current focus is to address our current and potential customers' problems in the RF front-end with innovative single-band and tunable designs made possible with our Infinite Synthesized Networks™ technology. These designs present the greatest near-term potential for commercialization of our ISN™ technology.

Single-Band Designs

We are developing our first duplexer design with a large supplier of RF front-end modules under the terms of a development agreement.

Tunable Designs

We plan to develop tunable filter designs that can be electronically programmed in real time for different RF frequency bands.  Existing filter designs only work with a single frequency band, which requires today’s smartphones and other mobile devices to contain as many as nine duplexers and a larger number of individual filters. We believe our tunable designs will replace multiple filters and duplexers and significantly lower the cost and size of RF front-ends.