Intellectual Property

We have an active program of protecting our proprietary technology through the filing of patents.  Our patent portfolio comprises more than 70 issued and pending patents.

Our patent portfolio relates primarily to the following subject matter:

  • filter circuit structures and topologies,
  • filter synthesis and design methods, and
  • resonator structures.

We also have an active and ongoing program to identify, protect and commercialize our intellectual property.  This program includes the development of a comprehensive patent strategy.  We routinely use  specialized outside firms to assist in these endeavors.  These firms are assisting with invention identification, intellectual property strategy and competitive landscape analysis. 

We also rely on trademark, copyright and trade secret laws to protect our intellectual property. Resonant® and the Resonant logo are registered trademarks of Resonant Inc. and Infinite Synthesized Networks™ and ISN™ are trademarks of Resonant Inc. We protect our trade secrets and other proprietary information by requiring confidentiality agreements from all our employees, consultants and third parties having access to such information.